Warriors Advance To Western Conference Finals, Still Undefeated In Playoffs

The Golden State Warriors swept the Utah Jazz just like they did with the Blazers. Jazz never had a chance in any of the four games. The only sad point for the Warriors is that Steve Kerr is not on the bench.

Draymond Green is probably more than in the past the impact player of the Warriors. He  is battling on every play and can defend at every position. Green had a triple-double in the final game of the series with 17 points, 10 rebounds and 11 assists.

Capture d’écran 2017-05-09 à 23.47.46.png

Stephen Curry is doing what he used to do the past two years. Scoring, passing, creating space for teammates. Everytime he touches the basketball, defense is under pressure.

The Jazz never gave up in the series, playing with heart, but the gap between these two teams is too big. They played well but it’s tough to beat the Warriors without the starting point guard.

Warriors finally won the series 4-0 and step to the next round. They will face the Spurs or the Rockets. For the first time in NBA history two teams (Warriors & Cavs) reached the Conference Finals without any loss in the first two rounds.

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